Juiced LCD Display / 52W / Advanced Matrix LCD Display


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Bought it and then didn't need it to fix the issue. $80

Juiced e-bike Display / LCD / Advanced Matrix LCD Display. New , in box.
Look up Youtube video for more details.

Display Interface- LCD Advanced Metric Display (Included)- Pixels: 120 x 64- Customized interface with 3-button layout- 6 levels of assist: 0, ECO, 1, 2, 3, SPORT, Race- Basic and Advanced display modes- Water-resistant IP65- Backlit illuminated display- 5 Pin quick-connect cable with brass lock-ring

Electric Assist Functions
Additional Functions
Throttle-Assist Boost (TAB)- Instantly add up 1,000W (20 Amps) of boost when pedaling and simultaneously holding down the throttle. TAB is available in any assist setting from 0mph up to 20mph.

Active Cruise Control Function- Locks at any speed below 20mph. Speed will be maintained without pedaling or using the throttle until the brake is applied, pushing any button or giving additional throttle input. Pedaling can increase the speed, but the e-bike will return to the pre-set speed if pedaling stops.
Walk Function- Push-button throttle limited to 6kmh to assist when pushing or walking the bike.
LED Headlight Control- Turn on or off the LED headlight from the display console.
Display Backlight Control- Turn on the display’s backlight to see the screen at night.
Torque Sensor Deactivation Function- Turn off the torque sensor signal. The pedal assist will only use the cadence sensor input for boost level calculations.
Speed Limiter- Set the maximum speed limit of the throttle or pedal assist system.
Assist Level Limiter- Limit the maximum assist level which can be selected: ECO, 1, 2, 3, SPORT.
Low Voltage Limiter- Set the lowest voltage allowed by the electric drive system. This is used to control how deeply the battery is allowed to discharge.
Display Brightness Level- Set the brightness level of the display.
Wheel Circumference Input- Set the precise wheel circumference in 11mm increments.
Race Track Mode- This mode is activated by manually setting the speed limit above 28mph. The top speed will be limited by the power available to the motor. Use this setting on non-public roads only.
Power Off Delay- Set the duration of inactivity before the bike automatically turns off to conserve energy.


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