Juiced RipCurrent-S (aka RCS) - 1000 km Impressions and Log Summary

Bruce Arnold

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The Battery; I've now put 86 km on a single charge of the battery (single trip), voltage was 45.6V under load. The bike was packed carrying an extra 13Ah battery, and some gear of a similar weight. The bike didn't quit, but at/under 46V the bike performs poorly compared to higher voltages. Noticeable pulsing when power is required, throttle unable to give the typical boost. It's like the 750W motor turns into a 300-350W motor. I don't have the time to drain the battery more as i need it recharged for another long trip, but I'm going to make a point of running it down further to observe the behavior. Right now I'm a little disappointed in this behavior, the controller/motor are not well designed for when the battery gets low.
The controller does not have regulated voltage and I'm not aware of any ebike that does. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. The behavior you describe is typical of bikes at low voltage and this is the result you'll get every time. It's not bad design, it's typical design. I'm concerned that you will harm your battery, running it too low like that just to see what happens. With a 52 volt system, by the time you hit 46 volts you will notice a distinct drop in performance and really shouldn't go much lower than that if you can help it. 46 volts is just over 20% state of charge, which is the practical limit for these batteries. @Ravi Kempaiah would you care to chime in? (In case you don't know Ravi, he's a PhD student in this kind of technology and holds a world record for long-distance ebiking, so pretty knowledgeable from both the scientific and the practical side.)

Ravi Kempaiah

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To be honest, I have not dealt with Juiced's 52V controller, so can't comment on that.
But @CityExplorer 's experience mirrors many others. This is consistent across many brands but more pronounced in mid-tier bikes.
As the voltage drops low, to maintain certain level of power, you need to pump in more amps.
Some batteries struggle to provide high currents at low voltages. I believe their 13Ah pack had 26F cells but their 19Ah packs had different cells.

By picking the right cells/controller combo, it is possible to provide smooth power until very low voltages.
ASI controller is found on bikes like Stromer and the performance doesn't drop significantly until the last 2-3%.
There are some MOSFETs that are very efficient and if the whole package is designed right, this voltage sag issue can be minimized.


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I broke my personal record of a few days ago again, reaching 137km (GPS) for a single ride, I was riding the RCS.

On this trip I managed 101km on the Juiced rated 52V/19Ah battery, at 44V the battery voltage began to flash (although I have the minimum voltage set lower in the display), the capacity bar graph showed zero bars. The motor did not completely shut off, but could not offer much help. The battery stats display showed 43.7V at rest, 709Wh and 12.9 Ah used. Battery Temp was 38.7ºC.


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2000km Update on the RCS

Passed 2000km today on my RCS, and last week I broke my personal record again going over 100mi (168km) in a single trip. The bike has been performing very well, really loving that I can pedal the bike at speed without my hands on the handle bars even with the bike loaded with 30-40lbs of extra gear; it is a great way to relax and stretch while riding. The stability of this bike is quite amazing. The axles on this bike are also quite amazing, as rolling resistance really is a notch above my other e-bike. Need to get new tires on my other bike so the RCS has started to take on some long trips I never intended to do with it, and it has performed really great. Turned out to be the perfect bike for the trips as it's extra speed and able to handle multiple terrains was a life saver. One trail was 30 miles.

I will say if a bike can carry two batteries, it really is preferable to me to have the bike use the one battery fully before switching to the other, rather than using them both at the same time even though technically that is better for the battery and range. Have that fresh battery on the last 1/3rd of my trips is just so valuable, I would not want it any other way.


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Great reports, thank you for taking the time to write this all up
Thanks, I like documenting it for now for it's first season.

2500km Update on the RCS

The RCS is going strong, with my other bike still waiting for me to get the new tires on it, the RCS has been handling all the transportation duties it seems. This last weekend we rolled past 2500km (1600 mi) and broke our personal records again with a single trip 175km+ (GPS) (109mi) and i managed to squeak out 112.8km (70mi) on a single charge of the Juiced 19.2Ah rated battery. I could have pushed a few more, but I was tired after 13 hours and it was time to just gun it on a new battery and get home. I babied that battery to get it to go that far, didn't take it out of eco-mode until the last 20km.

Not too many events to report; the connector for the display had managed to loosen itself up at some point, just had to screw it together, so don't think just because some of the connectors have threaded matting that they can't loosen up. Brakes need adjustment now, more fluid or new pads, not sure which. I'm not sure I can get to 3000km before the end of the season, but hoping I do. The RCS is an interesting bike, really nice on moderate trails without a lot of aggressive elevation changes. The wide tires get it more attention than I care for, packed with the panniers and double headlight does not help with it's stealth image either.