Juintech M1 brakes


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Looking for some input on these breaks from actual users, I’m looking to put these on a radrover. Bolton E bikes has them, I bought the air forks from him,The whole bike feels nimbler now, thanks for the info


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Just to add, I was on same boat (I have Juiced CrossCurrent Air, which came with mechanical disc brakes) and decided to go with the Tektro hydraulic brakes.

It came with 203mm rotor, calipers, brake pads, and levers.

The only problem was, it didn't have the same brake inhibitor connector as Juiced. So I had to purchase one https://www.juicedbikes.com/products/brake-cut-sensor-tektro?_pos=1&_sid=88b8d7805&_ss=r

I am not sure what kind of connector Rad Rover has, but I'm sure you can get one since many Rad Rover owners converted their bikes to hydralic.
Although I do not have an experience with Juin brakes, I'd recommend Tektro.

Juin brakes still have cables, which means, you get all the frictions of cable and perhaps some plays due to cable slacks.

This one has different connector, I am not sure Eunorau bikes uses same connector as Rad Rover.
(It says it comes with Higo connector)