Just ordered the Haibike Xduro Fatsix

Gunnar T

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Buying it to ride in the winter time in iceland and then for fun in the summer :)

Anybody here got one of these bad boys?



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Saw one at LBS, best looking Fatty I've ever seen. Should be great this winter in the snow .


No but if you want it tested in a Canadian winter before you risk yourself I'll donate my time. PM me for shipping details. :D

Great color combo.


No, I don't have that bad boy.

But I'm lurking at another mean bad boy for winter time in Stockholm/Sweden: the AWD BH Easy Motion Big Bud Pro.

Big fan of Quattro-type tech on cars in winter conditions so I'm biased :)

PS: getting reasonably-priced fat studded tires in EU is a pain, you may be better off buying "stud-ready" version and buy 200 studs on the side to install yourself, like the Schwalbe basic pack (50 studs + tool) plus extra-studs (3 x 50).


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I own 2. Awesome bikes. It takes awhile to get used to what you can actually roll over. I usually ride 12-18 miles a session.