Just picked up my Bulls E-stream Evo 45 AM!


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Thanks for this, immensely. I spent the whole weekend reviewing posts and also ended up looking at the OneUp Dropper v2. You're a little taller than me, but I'm also riding the 49cm frame. I was debating the between the 180mm and 150mm. I'm on the line, but the ability to shim 10 or 20mm with this dropper gives me some flexibility.

Interesting commentary on the cable routing. My front derailleur cable was routed long, and at a funny angle. First ride on the bike I compressed the suspension enough for the cable to catch in the rear wheel knobs and shred the housing. I had to order a new cable and housing from Jensen, reinstall (pretty simple), and now have it zip tied so it won't catch in the tire. If Bulls would re-route the exit from the motor housing this cable would be laying nicely against the seat post tube.

Appreciate the pictures. I'll post again how it goes for me.
Yes I’d be very interested in knowing how you make out. I would say while maximum drop is nice, 10-20mm too much saddle height is quite annoying and perhaps hazardous. Consider drawing the tension on your remote as tight as possible so as to provide the most responsive actuation.


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My wife wanted a city bike, so we got her a Surface604 Rook. Great on the streets, but I pull away from her like mad at first. Very upright,etc. Good the first couple of months. But then we hit some trails with friends. Totally not the bike for that. After all the searching she declared she now and a mountain bike. But she'll never ride trails that are 1/4 as aggressive as I will, so obviously not going to drop $5500 on the Bulls, despite it being an amazing class 3 mountain bike.

So, anyway, just picked up her Bulls E-stream Evo 45 AM, size 44cm. :). Pick your battles wisely!

Anyone in New England want to buy a Rook?

BTW- This is Bulls E-stream Evo 45 AM #2 that I negotiated down to $4600. I think that's the right price point, and the dealers agreed. Maybe I just got lucky with timing.