Just pulled the trigger on a new ebike


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@Ann M. Edit...I didn't see the Bulls thread. Would you move this post to that thread?

I just ordered a Bulls Outlaw Green Mover E45. This is a front suspension rockshock rear geared hub drive with a huge battery. 48V 14 ah 670wa with tektro dorado hydraulic disc brakes 27.5 sshwalbe super motos. 29 mph


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Thanks for posting, Bulls produce some fine bikes , but I can't see the need of a hard tail, off - road. Could you enlighten me on how it takes bumps . I ride an St2 , with suspension seatpost , so I would appreciate more info. your choosing a hard-tail . On a previous post you explained , but can you once again would be appreciated .Most videos are in German ( so can't learn much) I really like a hub drive too . Once again thanks for posting as USA is still catching up. Some of the bike s across the pond are incredible ! This is one , love the bars and headlight. I hope Bulls goes over big in the US, I test rode a Brose MTB Full SP, in Houston, and was pleased with performance. Very quiet , and had no gear mashing.