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Just signed up and wanted to say high, just about to sign the dotted line and get myself an
Addmotor HITHOT H1 Sport Green Fork Suspension/Spring Shock Absorber 48V 500W 8.8AH 26" Mountain Electric Bicycle. Looks and sounds sweet, not much on Youtube to see, all the written reviews I can find are all pretty good with most complants trivial or something not related to the bike or Addmotor after purchase service. Will be a newbie to ebikes but will try to give some kinda review so someone else has a little more to go on if they want one of these pretty babies.
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Also might have found a way to order delivery from the States to Canada without having to pay over inflated brokerage fees to FedEx
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Ann M.

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Alright, @plus4IS8 ! Welcome to our ebike family at EBR. Court can't always review every electric bike so we count on riders like you to share their experiences and pics. Looking forward to hearing more about this bike. My experience with the Addmotor people through the forum has been good, quick and gracious, so I would expect that you would experience something similar. They are a big internet seller, so an occasional small issue should be easy to fix with this company.