Kalkhoff Agattu i8


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70 miles would average 7.7 whr/mi, is every coulomb was squeezed out of the 540Whr battery.

That is not a very high energy use, and I expect it represents the eco setting, and not the one giving 70nm of torque >> high current.

Stiil, 540 whr is > the standard 360 whr seen on many 36V/10Ahr models.


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Awesome video, thanks for the share @Ravi Kempaiah! The people at New Wheel are awesome, I learn from them every time I visit and it's nice to see these video overviews :)

Carl M.

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Hi, I live in Australia and have been "trawling " the Internet for a few months now trying to make my mind up. I am retiring to recreational cycling after a few years and thought the motor could help me on the hills.As you say New Wheel and this very site were instrumental in helping me to make a decision. Especially as there are so few reviews and general information on the Internet that are in English.
Long story short, I pick up my Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 8 HS later this week.