Kalkhoff Agattu i8


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70 miles would average 7.7 whr/mi, is every coulomb was squeezed out of the 540Whr battery.

That is not a very high energy use, and I expect it represents the eco setting, and not the one giving 70nm of torque >> high current.

Stiil, 540 whr is > the standard 360 whr seen on many 36V/10Ahr models.


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Awesome video, thanks for the share @Ravi Kempaiah! The people at New Wheel are awesome, I learn from them every time I visit and it's nice to see these video overviews :)

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Hi, I live in Australia and have been "trawling " the Internet for a few months now trying to make my mind up. I am retiring to recreational cycling after a few years and thought the motor could help me on the hills.As you say New Wheel and this very site were instrumental in helping me to make a decision. Especially as there are so few reviews and general information on the Internet that are in English.
Long story short, I pick up my Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 8 HS later this week.


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I just demoed the bike and I must say that the Impulse 2.0 drive is pretty impressive. The thing which strikes me about it is that it will accept a very wide variety of pedaling cadences.


The drive is extremely responsive whether you have a fast cadence or a slower one. It has 3 modes: Eco, Sport, and Power. Whilst riding it I was amazed at how responsive the drive was in Eco mode. In fact I spent about two thirds of the ride in that mode, and the remainder in sport or power mode. The model I demoed had an 11ah battery, which translates to about 400Wh. I covered 47 miles with a vertical ascent of approximately 1500 feet. There were still 2 bars out of 10 remaining and I think I could easily have covered another 10 miles in Eco mode.

In Power mode the drive is a blast to ride. Since it provides a lot of torque, you don't need to drop down into first or second gear at each red light. Just drop 2-3 gears and you'll be fine. I found that I could start from the 4th or 5th gear on flat without too many problems. This alleviates some of the problems associated with a mid-drive.

One feature that could be very interesting is that the drive is "dealer configurable". This allows the dealer to "interpret" what the silly 25km/h EU law actually means. The bike I demoed was configured to cut off at 27.5km/h (25 km/h +10% margin), which made it much more pleasant to ride that if it had cut off at 25km/h. Apparently the dealer has some margin and can set the cutoff speed up to 29.5 km/h. I didn't verify, but it's what I've been told (so we might need some double checking here).

One thing I didn't like about the bike is the console. It's very simple and has almost no information. You can't see basic info about your journey, such as your average speed or the distance travelled. All you get is an odometer and your current speed. Moreover, the amount of battery left is not expressed as a percentage but as bars, which can be slightly confusing. Maybe the display was "locked" due to the bike being a demo...

People say the Impulse 2.0 drive is "quiet", but I would say it's comparable to a Bosch or a Panasonic.

All in all, some quality stuff here from Kalkhoff. I have to say that this is one of the mid-drives I've enjoyed the most, perhaps because it's a very lively drive that always feels "present".
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