Kervelo: integrated mid-drive motor and transmission!

Angela M.

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Hey, Sage! I have not, but hope someone else can jump in soon and be able to help you out.

Sage Oz

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Holy smokes that looks promising. Mubea is a huge company with lots of r&d £ which should be good for us as German engineering is generally impeccable. The rendered design looks quite striking in a high tech motorbike way, which would be great for zipping around town. I'd be more interested to see a lightweight enduro version with maxxis shod 29ers, 160-180mm travel, slack head angle, and a really low and long top tube with dropper post for mountain exploration.
It's been quite clear to me for some time that the future of all mountain bikes, and probably road bikes as well, is to have not only some level of electric mid-drive assist but also integrated transmissions. It makes too much sense not to get the weight and complexity all close to the lowest center of gravity, especially for suspension bikes as this allows lighter sprung swingarms and therefore more active suspensions. The derailleur as we know it will be dead.


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According to the article they are seeking OEM partnerships and if you take away the framework of their design it seems entirely possible to use the motor/gearbox system for exactly what you envision as well as any eBike application.

Sage Oz

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E-MTB News has more photos of the Mubea concept bike. Interestingly, I don't see anything about the bike on Mubea's own site, but apparently there is a Mubea E-Mobility Store in Attendorn, Germany selling among other brands, Elby, KTM and BH bikes.
I just watched the latest EMBN show today and sure enough they made a mention about the Kervelo. I've been planning on scratch-building myself a custom frame and one of the features was going to have the middrive driving a rohloff hub right above it that would power the second drive to the wheel (I know this is overly complex compared to just building the rohloff in the rear wheel but I'm trying to keep the weight central and unsprung for performance). This would be perfect for simplifying the design for my design, and I think it's the ultimate evolutionary path for ebikes in general for the near future....
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