Kettle Valley Rail-Trail?


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Did anybody do this?

Now that winter is almost upon us, I have been thinking about the trail. I have a different ebike that gets longer distances, but am not sure how it would do in loose gravel with a load of camping gear. It is a good enough bike that I find myself able to not use the assist on slight uphill grades but again, how would it do loaded?

What I am looking into, is parking at Midway and pedaling to a lake northwest of there, that my mind has blanked out on the name. there may be a lodge/restaurant/campground where one could plug in. This would be a try out of the bike. It might also be a refresher on why I quit tent camping. :)

One could also ride to Lake Christina from Midway, it looks like. Plug ins might be available in Grand Forks and other spots. It looks like that route follows the highway though.

Plan B would be to purchase comfy, many geared acoustical bike to do rail grades on.

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Did anybody do this?
I rode a section of the Columbia & Western from Christina Lake to Grand Forks and it was fine.

Last spring I did a bunch of research. The executive summary was that the section from Hope to Penticton was problematic and probably not very fun, while the section east from Penticton all the way to Castlegar looked pretty decent.

If you rode from Penticton east you'd probably want to stay around Idabel Lake, there was some camping and cabin rentals in the area. Midway and Grand Forks both have campgrounds in town and some motels as well.