Key Replacement CCX


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I bought a Juiced CCX a couple of months ago, and it has been amazing. However, one issue I've had is that it only comes with 2 keys for the bike. The key is held together with 2 pins that constantly try to slide out. The pins slid out on one of them and I lost it. Now I don't have a spare, and I'm worried about losing this one too. Juiced Support said they don't have spares and can't tell me who makes the keys. I reached out to Tora on LinkedIn and he said it would be easier just to replace the lock if I lost the other key.

Does anyone know of any key models that would work or where to buy one? My local locksmith said they could carve it for me but they don't have any keys the right size.

Bruce Arnold

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The key they supplied a couple of years ago could be cut from an existing blank that most locksmiths would have. Why their supplier felt that they had to switch to a different style of key escapes me.

These new keys don't look like they'll be that easy to copy. I'd probably try one more locksmith to see if you get a different answer, and then bite the bullet and pay to have 1-2 copies custom-made if that doesn't work out.

Replacing the lock would be my plan C. It would work, but you'd still only have 2 keys.

I don't get why a lot of lock companies are going to that style of key with the two pins. Inevitably they're going to come apart. I have one for the lock that was supplied with my current storage unit, and I sure as hell don't keep it on my keychain.

Please let us know how this turns out. Others will need to know your solution.