KeyWestRick take delivery of two Pace 500’s today

Key West Rick

Hi to fellow Aventon Riders!

we took delivery of our new Pace 500’s today! Large step over men’s in black and wife’s step thru medium in the Celeste color.
we’ve been riding Trek and Spacialized regular bikes but wanted something we could ride to explore more trails, more MUP, and go more distance.
first impressions are that the bike is perfectly powered. We did not get the throttle upgrade as we wanted to ride for awhile before we decided If it is needed. If you start out in PAS 0 first and pedal to get moving the surge, when you go into PAS 2 is management as long as you know it’s coming! Kind of like a motorcycle! Handlebars on the Pace 500 are a bit strang so they will be changed out tomorrow. We Owned a Electra Townie with the large Kenda 2.75 x 2.20 tires and Loved the suspension float if you kept the air pressure a bit lower. So I’m excited about these tires since the are the same. I also agree with others that a upgrade to the Kenda Drumlin tires in the future will provide some extra grip in the wet and on sand. The seat on the Pace is much like the Townie so it’s what I expected. Will transfer my Topeka rear rack tomorrow so that will work well. looking forward to riding longer distances with the wife here in the Sunshine State. Will report again after I switch out the handlebars And rack tomorrow.

happy to have others to. Chat with.