Kickstarter Smart Helmet


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Deacon Blues

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I like it. It would be fine for the cooler/colder months, but I'd hate to wear one of these during the summer.


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Nice looking helmet, but yes, without much ventilation, it must be very uncomfortably warm in the summer months.

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Looks like a nice helmet. But WOW on the price!

Worth every penny. The Sena bluetooth helmets cost more, don't have MIPS or all the visibility features nor safety features of this one, but couples or groups get to yak with each other all ride long, or listen to music with the Sena and those sell like hotcakes. Personally I'd take safety over the yakking all day long, any day of the week.


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Western WA
So why would they even sell the non mips?
Same reason they still sell cars without collision avoidance or rear airbags: it's not required by law and they can hit a lower price point.

The degree to which MIPs reduces concussions or brain injury is accepted but not very well documented. Yes, helmets with it generally test better in the VTU helmet tests. I think we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that it's a licensed technology and the MIPS company has a vested interest in making their technology a defacto industry standard regardless of whether it improves safety by 1% or 40%.

reed scott

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Hurray for innovation, capitalism and the free market. I paid almost this much for a plain ole POC with nuthin but a cheap shell.