kid bike seats on integrated rear racks


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Hi All!

I think I've finally decided which ebike I want to get (the Surface604 Rook), and now need to find a kid's bike seat that can fit on it. Does anyone have anything to share about this topic? I'm having a really hard time finding out whether or not some bike seats will be able to fit on to this bike rack. I've asked the manufacturer of the bikes (Surface604) and t he bike shop where I plan to buy, and done a bunch of searching online, and I can't even find the dimensions of the bike rack, let alone any other information that would help me determine which seats might fit. Aside from the Yepp.
I'm looking at used seats, like the Topeak seat, right now.
Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated!!

Thanks! :)


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Thirty years ago I retrofit a kids seat to a rear rack on my mtb. When you get the rack it will help finding something that will work.

Their weight helps provide great traction btw.