Kilocalories burnt as calculated by the e-bike computer

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
Please do not take this thread very seriously. I'm not very much concerned with calories burnt during my rides, I'm just curious. Here is what Vado 5.0 BLOKS display showed after one of my rides. Actual net ride time was 1 h 30 min.


This is not a rocket science. Mid-drive motors are equipped with a torque sensor. The sensor collects the information needed to calculate the crank power, and integrating power over time gives energy. 431 kcal roughly makes 500 Wh, which is dangerously close to the energy output of the motor on that trip.

Now, during 1 hour of the trip, the energy used would be 500 / 1.5 = 333 Wh and since the figure is for 1 hour ride, the average power was 333 W. I'm not Lance Armstrong. Assuming I can perhaps input 100 W of power to the cranks myself, average support of the motor would be 233 W, which is a reasonable figure.

What gets? What does the bike computer actually calculate? Did I make a mistake with my reasoning?

Many of e-bike computers of yours calculate kilocalories burnt by you. Since the systems are different, what are you getting?


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Human power efficiency is around %25. When you spend 431kcal = 500wh the power transmitted to the pedals is around 125wh. Your average power in this case is around 83-84W.