King Meter J-LCD Electric Bike Display Overview


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Hi guys! While reviewing the Propella 2.2 electric bike, I had an opportunity to dig in on the King Meter J-LCD display panel control pad which is used on a wide variety of ebikes. It's not removable, not especially easy to swivel (if the clamp is overtightened), doesn't have any USB charging ports, and is generally very simple. It's a part that many companies select in an effort to keep prices low and make their product easy to use. And in my opinion, it works well enough. Unlike most other compact ebike displays, this one does require an independent button pad. The upside is that it's easy to reach but the trade-off is that this it adds complexity and clutter.

Buttons may vary depending on your bike or kit but should include: Up, Power/Mode, Down
Readouts include: Battery Capacity (Four Bars and Grapic for Five Levels), Clock, Assist Level (0-5), Current Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip Meter

This video overview should help you navigate the different menus and settings. It's not an especially deep display but here are a few tips for some of the buried features: Hold the Up arrow to change from Current Speed to Average Speed, or Max Speed. Press the Mode button to change from Odometer to Trip meter. Hold Up and Mode to activate backlighting, Hold Down to activate walk mode. Hold Up and down for Settings Menu (Clock, Backlight 1-3, Change Units Miles to Kilometers).

As always, I appreciate your help expanding this little guide. Maybe you've seen a King Meter with a different button pad or know how to change the number of assist levels? One thing I'd love to confirm is how many actual bars there are on the battery... that the surrounding graphic actually counts as a fifth bar of energy. Pictures, corrections, and feedback are always welcome :)