King Meter PAS 0


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Hi, I'm a new owner of (2) Radrovers 2015 models. One bike has PAS range 1-5 and the other has PAS 0-5. I sure like the PAS 0-5, is there anyway to get the other bike to have it too?


I would say your best bet on this is to go to the radrover website and use the contact option. They'll most likely email you back in a few hours, same day if you email them early enough. Or you could call them. They would know the best way to proceed. Grats on your bikes.


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i dont have either rad bikes here at home right now but on a lot of these displays you can hold down two buttons and get into a slightly deeper menu where you may be able to change stuff like that

or it may be you have to different controller/display setups if one of the bikes is newer 2015 than the other, rad has made quite a few upgrades/modifications to the controllers etc

good luck, i am sure if you contact them they will get back with you quick