Kiox handle bar controls issue (I think)?

Mr Bid

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United Kingdom
Hi All,
I have recently purchased an e-bike with Bosch CX (4th Gen) and Kiox control unit.

During a ride today when i attempted to move from eMTB to Turbo for a steep climb, the unit went in to OFF setting (which narrowly missed me in the OFF position too), so my question is this, has anyone else had similar issues - I can reset the device, and sometimes it works for a few minutes or just seconds, then seems to go into OFF mode again (rapidly shifting down the modes), then nothing will persuade it to change up a mode again.

Frustrating, as only done around 200 miles so far, now thinking it is unreliable...

I have paid very close attention to the cradle mounting (taken off and cleaned the contacts, etc..) and am as confident as I can be that it is connected correctly on the cradle).

Is this a known fault?
Is it the control switch unit on the handlebar?

All latest software applied through e-bike connect, no error messages recorded....
as an asside, I also cannot get the navigation display to link to anything at all (Komoot, etc.) is this related?

Help me if you can please!

William - Bosch Team

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I'd recommend taking it to a Certified Bosch mechanic, preferably at the place of purchase if possible. They can check for any error codes in the diagnostic report, as well as do some general troubleshooting with the hardware.

This is most likely not related to the remote on the handlebars. When a system won't stay in an assistance mode, you'll generally notice a lack of speed displayed on the screen as well. This indicates the CAN connection has been interrupted. Most common causes? Improperly adjusted battery mounts, faulty or damaged battery cable, faulty or damaged display cable, improperly installed display (sounds like you checked this.)

- What is the make/model of your eBike?
- What material or substance did you use to clean the display contacts?

A visit to a capable dealer will likely be the fastest resolution for this.

Mr Bid

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United Kingdom
Thanks William, bike is an Orbea Wild FS,
Cleaned with a lint free cloth and warm water only (as recommended by local bike shop).

supplied by Bikster U.K., shipped from Germany - I’m in Highlands so not much chance or supplying dealer being involved!