Kiox upgrade Version UI improvements and maybe more?


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Hi All,

Dandelion Bikes in Seattle upgraded the firmware on my Kiox.
  • The layout screens are now customizable. You can choose what you want on the screen and even change the layout format and information positions.
  • There are more screens
  • It turns onto the last screen used instead of the default screen 1
I am not sure but I think the assist has changed on my Performance line Gen 3. From very limited data-testing it appears the motor efficiency has jumped up a lot. My normal route uses about 4-5% per trip. Now I am at about 3% per trip. Very limited data! It also seems to be more accurate in that the granularity of the % used is higher. I.e. it changes by 1% at a time instead of 1-2%.

Overall very pleased with this free upgrade.

Note: After the upgrade, and a main battery charging, I did have to disconnect and reconnect the Kiox unit to get the Assist mode to turn on.