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Rather than having a thread starter for the various make of bike, wouldn't it have made more sense to have just had a series of thread starters for each brand of drive unit. Bosch, Shimano, Impulse, Yamaha, Brose, etc.

The rest is just cycle parts, so other than neglect and poor maintenance on the part of the owner, which I read frequently, there isn't really that much more that could go wrong. Factory recalls, and poor dealer service accepted.

Example. The Bosch Active Line, Performance Line, and CX, all suffer badly from chain suck issue. This is an across board issue, so raising it as bike brand/model specific issue, doesn't make particular sense.

Example of where Brand specific comments could be worthwhile.

Listing hidden costs that a buyer wouldn't be aware of, such as brand specific front sprocket set up. Bosch sprocket for a KTM £8.99, whilst certain models of Haibike and Scott, can be nearly ten times that cost. Given that a sprocket might last just a few hundred miles depending upon conditions, highlighting such costs could save a potential buyer, financial grief by steering them away from the brand completely. I'd certainly not want to be spending a very conservative guess of £600.00 plus a year on front sprockets alone, and that is without model specific chains.
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It seems like the battery is the high-risk part of an electric bike.

Leave aside (for a moment) from the risk of explosion, fire, and possible injury from an off-brand power cell, a defective power cell, or one that has been damaged and/or abused. The batteries will only last a few years of constant use even for the most careful user. The rest of the bike is effectively immortal as long as there is reasonable maintenance and care.

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@EddieJ, there is room for both. :) I've written Court and asked for more drive Forums, since we do already have several, including Bosch, Bafang, 8Fun, etc. For members who purchase brands of ebikes or kits sold primarily online they may face challenges with component failures or malfunction or quality issues where these Brand Issues threads will help them fill in the gap. Or for someone like myself who occasionally services some of these internet or crowdfunded ebikes.

I think you have been fortunate to own electric bikes that come with higher grade bike components & electronic components than do many sub $2K ebikes. There have been a number of threads by frustrated Rad Power owners about broken spokes in the motor wheel almost immediately after getting the bikes or repeated flats. Spoke breakage or popping/grinding sound in the motor wheel for some of the first year's production of BionX D-500 kits was a common issue that had nothing to do with the owner unless they had mis-tensioned spokes. BionX reached out to help address the issue so that individual and shops knew exactly what tension those spokes needed to be.

Definitely agree that an ebike owner needs to do some basic maintenance; however, some owners know little to nothing about bikes in general. And it seems to be more of an issue for owners who buy online and don't have a bike shop nearby that services ebikes; these threads provides them with some source of info to help them fix the problem or know that they have to contact the distributor of the bike for help.

Thank you Eddie and everyone else here for sharing your technical knowledge about your ebikes, it helps all of us!