Kona Dew E DL For Rail Trails, Dirt Roads, and Gravel?


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I was contemplating buying a Cannondale Tesoro because I wanted an ebike with an upright position. I was attracted to the Tesoro because it is billed as a bike that performs well on asphalt as well as dirt, gravel, etc. I discovered, however, that all Tesoros are Class 3 bikes now and as such, are illegal on many bike trails. I think generally banning an ebike because it can go faster than 20 mph is not good law; many conventional bikes with no power assist can go much faster than that. I would prefer ticketing people who ride at excessive and/or dangerous speeds on bike trails instead, regardless of what kind of bike they're riding. That being said, the Class 3 Tesoros might be out. However, I also saw a Class 1 Kona Dew E DL for a little bit more money. If you are familiar with that model, do you think it would perform similarly on asphalt/dirt/gravel as the Tesoro? Thanks for your help.