KTM e-Bikes


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We were lucky enough to get a few of the test KTM e-bikes in our store, as well as some of the non-ebike mountain bikes.

KTM will be at Sea Otter this year with a demo fleet. Following that we hope to have a bigger set of bikes on our store from the 2015 model year.


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that is something I think is really cool about you guys (Motostrano). You bring even a single bike over if there is an interest. I remember when I was shopping around I called you guys when you were offering Grace. No one else had Grace in the USA. You guys just said - yeah, this is the price, we can get it. That was so impressive I was actually taken aback and wondered if it isn't too good to be true but over time you have proven you do just that. Your selection, availability and willingness to acquire is impressive. Keep up the good work.