KTM is seeking eBike ambassadors


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Thanks Ravi , pretty cool link. KTM makes some nice bikes. I rode a Super Duke 990 V twin once , never seen such linear torque. Be great for North America to begin having these EBikes available.


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I like the Macina Force 29!

I think this Ambassador Program is a smart move for KTM in entering the U.S. market. It will get press and will likely create brand loyalty. You give a little, you get a little. Most people will likely look at KTM and ask themselves, why not just buy a Haibike? Competition is good for everyone involved. This is already creating a buzzzzz.

Edit: Stop tempting me Ravi! :)


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It is a smart play on their part. Sell some bikes at near cost, get done enthusiastic Rogers out on the roads and trails with them for next to nothing. Avoid the road costs of having a touring show by putting bikes in the hands of users that are seen daily.

Too bad they don't have any Yamaha motors in their lineup. I like my Yamaha sduro!


I think this is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to join hands with KTM and create awareness about their brand and eBikes.

They offer you a bike, KTM branded cycling gear etc.

Take a look: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Yep, I filled out the application, but never got a response. They are a bit slow answering emails.


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Nice one Grinch72 :)

What bike are you ordering up?

edit.. Obviously you don't have to say if you would prefer not to. :)

I don't mind saying. I will mainly be commuting with it so I was thinking the Macina Cross 10 CX4. With that being said I have a Pedego City Commuter now so I may opt for the MTB model. Just not sure if I want to spring for full suspension or just go hardtail. Considering I highly doubt I will be a hardcore mountain biker, I may just go hardtail. That gives me the option of using it to commute and go off-road.


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Both designs certainly have their merits, and owning both designs, I can confirm that neither should disappoint.

Hardtail V full suspension is very much a personal decision though, but my hardtail is my go to bike if that makes sense.

A few plus points of hardtail ownership are as follows.
  • They are easier to wash
  • They make better winter bikes
  • There is less to go wrong
  • Cheaper to maintain than full suspension bikes
  • Power delivery is more immediate
  • There is zero squat at the rear, which makes them more efficient at climbing
  • And if riding off road, you know exactly what the rear of the bike is doing
Obviously a full suspension bike is always going to be more comfortable and compliant, but you could always fit a suspension seat post if required.

The Macina Hardatil Cross range is very good, but if I am correct the bike that you are considering has the CX motor, and 400wh battery. The CX motor is quite a power hungry motor in respect of the battery, and it would be worth trying to either negotiate a deal to get a 500wh battery in place of the 400wh one, or if that isn't a possibility and the CX motor is the appealing feature, then maybe look at other models that have both.

I now have a CX motor fitted to both KTM's, but the Performance Line and Active Line, are still superb motors. In respect of the Active Line motor NoDTMF has one fitted to his KTM, and I recall him saying that it did want for more torque on certain climbs. Hopefully he will be along at some stage to advise further in that respect.

I really loved the Performance line motor when I had it, and off road, never once found it lacking, and even on my very limited road riding, it performed brilliantly. The only hindrance being that my bikes are not set up for road use, and in the case of the Lycan, each tyre weighs a hefty 2.7lbs each!

I reviewed a Panasonic Cross hardtail some time back, and found that it was real pleasure to ride on road, and whilst it only had Schwalbe Marathon tyres fitted, it coped very well with dry grass slopes, and dry trails. Obviously it was never going to a full on mtb with the set up that it had, but I was still kind of sad to see it go.

One final quick comment in relation to KTM frame sizing, the frames seem to edge on the side of being small. Please make sure that you get the right frame size to suit you.

Sadly I have to shoot off now, so have to cut things short, but I'm going to watch this with interest.


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I do have Active line on my and my wife's bike. I put a 11-40t on my bike and a 11-42 on her bike. Stock was 11-36. I have been whining about the fact Bosch wouldn't let me upgrade to performance. That just bums me out. However, the riding in the Santa Cruz mountains Active line rules for range. There are a few hills that I have to get off. But even with Performance line I would probably get off as well. Basically the front wheel gets s light from hitting a rock and I bounce sideways and then it's over.

My goal is to make it to mount Umunum on this trail:
But I don't think I can do it on one battery. So I think I will try it taking a extra battery. But too hot and dry now, hate to get stuck back there if there was a fire.

When riding to work sometimes I wish I had assist to 20 mph, on our bikes it cuts out 15. (Basically I'm late so have to peddle hard).

I also like hardtail with suspension seat post. I have had lower back surgery for herniated disc, no problems. (I do have to give up Dirtbike riding, probable have to sell my KTM 300xc, perhaps one of the best dirt bikes ever....)
i have been talking to KTM about the ambassador program and their bikes. they said that lights could be added and connected to the motor but that they could not be operated from the display. Federico claimed the bikes could get up to 110 miles on a single charge in eco mode. does anyone have any real experience with lighting? i prefer lights connected to the main battery and the bike controls. i go to work before sunrise and have to have good lights.


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Don't forget that some of the KTM Macina range use a front wheel dynamo system, which is actually very good, and remains on for quite some time when sitting stationary. They should have mentioned that.

If you are talking about the Bosch motor and fitting lights directly to it, then that isn't something specific to KTM, and you should be able to find out the required info by looking at other brands. It isn't something that interests me, so I haven't investigated the options.
they didnt mention a dynamo but i will ask them. my eflow nitro has wires stubbed off out of the frame for lights and are operated with the display control.


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Bosch system can have lighting. I believe it needs to be firmware upgraded if it is not enabled. The Intuvia head unit has a dedicated button for lighting.

Here is a copy of the 2015 Bosch manual:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)