Kudos To Pedego!


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When installing Jones H bars on my Platinum Interceptor, I accidentally damaged the throttle cable. In order to gain some slack, I pulled a little too hard on the cable and caused a fault in the throttle Julet connector body. The problem showed up as an intermittent surge in the amount of power supplied by the throttle. It didn't show up right away but worsened with time and eventually caused a full throttle condition whenever the throttle was activated.

After diagnosing the problem, I found I needed to replace part of the wiring harness. The 2 year bike warranty expired back in April and I expected to have to pay for the part. When I contacted Kris at Pedego tech support, He offered to replace the throttle and wiring harness at no charge!

The bike is out of warranty and I caused the damage doing something that would have voided the warranty anyway. That's what I call customer service!

Thanks Kris!


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Yippeeee! I've also found kindness beyond the warranty period. And I've also experienced getting parts that I damaged--I fell and broke the display. They sent me another one without charge, even though that's normal wear-and-tear, for sure!