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Hi guys! Küat sent me their NV 2.0 hitch rack a couple of years back to test and use during my ebike review adventures and it has worked very well. The rack is strong, comes in 2" or 1.24" hitch configurations, supports two or four bikes, folds up, is aerodynamic, and safer to use than a roof rack because you won't accidentally wreck your car in a low garage or drive-thru restaurant ;) I did a full review of this rack here. I love that it fits a wide range of tire types from road bikes to plus sized mountain bikes and even fat tire bikes. Hitch racks are great for heavier electric bicycles because they provide more support than hang style racks... though they are expensive.

The thing about the 2.0 NV hitch rack from Küat (and most other hitch racks) has been that you still need to lift the bike up in order to load it onto the rack. Thule has introduced a folding rack called the Easy Fold that includes a ramp by default and now Küat has an optional $89 rack that's super easy to install and use. In this video, Marc and I unbox the NV 2.0 Access Bike Ramp and then install and test it in this video:

- Easy to install
- Doesn't take much space, slides to be compact
- The guys at Küat emailed me and said "Dipping those ends is a great idea! Also, we do have brackets for the original NV, so the ramp is backward compatible. Glad the rack is treating you well." which is awesome! Backwards compatibility :D

- Stores separately from the bike rack
- Made from steel that could rust if the powder coating paint is scratched off
- More expensive than I expected

- Weight: 5.8lbs (2.63kg)
- Material: Steel (powder coated)
- Dimensions: 34.5" x 4.25" x 4.25" (87.6cm x 10.8cm x 10.8cm)
- Expanded Length: 55.5" (141cm)

As always, I appreciate your input about what bike racks and rams are working well, what you think could be improved about the Küat solution, and anything else :)


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Ah yes a ramp! Not sure why most of the mfgs do not include this as an option for all E-bike regulated racks. Seems like an obvious feature most of us could use as a back saver. I have a hoop style rear rack and had to make my own using parts purchased from my local Home Dept store. The rack I made simply hooks onto the hoop end to keep it secured in place. I hope the bicycle rack companies are listening. Nice review Court!


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Having just returned from cycling in London we were impressed with stairs on the Thames and canal paths which had channel iron running down the side of the stairs so that we could place our tires in the channel and push them up the channel while we walked the stairs. So, aluminum channels could make a reason ramp for loading to racks. For us, we will struggle for a bit longer with lifting our bikes onto a J bar.


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For several years now, I've been using a cheap PVC ramp for my pickup truck bed rack. It also works well for loading bikes onto my Thule Stick-Up hitch rack.


It's made from a 10' length of sch 40 PVC pipe and a 4" pipe tee. I cut the pipe in half and bolted the two halves together for strength. I cut the tee in half also and bolted it to the end in order to minimize twist.

P1070256a.jpg P1070258a.jpg P1070259a.jpg

I screwed 4 - 1/4" lags into the sides of the tee for better grip on loose surfaces.

P1070260a.jpg P1070261a.jpg

The ramp is cheap (< $35), lightweight (10# or so), weatherproof and surprisingly strong. It easily handles my 68# ebikes.