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Considering current events, this Labor Day likely won’t be celebrated quite like last year, with big picnics and group outings. Instead of packed crowds this year, you could be using your day off to explore the great outdoors on a fast and fun electric bicycle. What’s that? You don’t have an electric bicycle yet? Well if you want to join the millions of people experiencing the benefits of e-bikes then you might still be in luck this Labor Day by taking advantage of some big sales! Interestingly, we’re seeing fewer big sales for electric bicycles this Labor Day than we did last year. That’s not likely because e-bikes are less popular – in fact it’s the exact opposite.

Ever since people starting wandering out of nationwide lockdowns from COVID-19, electric bicycles saves have positively skyrocketed. Many electric bicycle companies have had trouble keeping e-bikes in stock, with some popular models still sold out until at least November. But popular California-based electric bicycle company Juiced Bikes has announced that not only do they have a wide selection of in-stock e-bikes, but they are having a huge Labor Day sale with prices up to $700 off. And the sale has already begun, meaning you can start saving big right away.

Last year there were significantly more Labor Day e-bike sales, but these are the ones I’ve been able to find so far this year. If you’ve seen any that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments down below so I can add them! And to make sure we’re not playing favorites, there are of course still some other great deals for e-bikes going on out there, even if they aren’t Labor Day-specific sales. The industry-darling RadRunner e-bike from Rad Power Bikes is still at its lowered sale price of $1,199 and the Lectric XP is back at its lowered sale price of $899, with both models proving incredibly popular at those prices.

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$700 off on a Hyper Scorpion! It's $1000 more than my Scorpion -- like paying for the larger battery and getting all the extras for free.