Lacuba E45 motor "surging", brake cut off not working...


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Hi all.

My Lacuba seems to have developed a mind of its own. I have a Brose TF motor (Class 3) with 4 levels of assist. Level 2 is acting like 3 or 4. Just barely touch the pedals and it's off and running at top speed. It's audible in a motor that is usually very quiet. Also, there is a delay in the cutoff after I stop pedaling, and if I engage the brakes while pedaling the motor does not cut off.

This is new behavior on a three year old bike as of this past weekend. I've cleaned the connections for the battery and screen, and checked the wires and connections that I'm able to (took off the cowl at the bottom of the motor to make sure nothing shook loose). I also had the bike tuned this week to make sure that no regular "bike things" were affecting the motor in weird ways.

Has anyone experienced this before? Getting parts was hard enough pre-pandemic. I'm scared to take it in to a shop and have the bike gone for 6 months waiting for parts to fix this. :-(

Thanks for any help you can give!


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FOLLOW-UP: Visited a shop that is listed as a Bulls dealer but isn't. Apparently Bulls called him up and said "You're too close to another dealer we're giving all the business to so you're not a dealer anymore." Wow.

Anyway... He rode the bike and told me that the torque sensor is integral to the motor itself, ergo I need a new motor. From a dealer. And there's an 8 week wait to get my bike into the remaining dealer in the area. Any thoughts on this?

Also, apparently there is no brake cut off. I'd never really thought about it, but assumed it was there. I thought this was an ebike requirement. Is it not?

Thanks again. :)