Lapierre Overvolt FS 900 vs. Haibike XDRURO Fullseven RX/FS RX


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Looking for opinions or insights from experiences with both bikes - I've put a few hours into demoing each bike and want to know what I haven't thought about yet.

I'm an experienced XC mountain biker and am looking to add a pedal assist mountain bike to my quiver to improve my uphill time:downhill time ratio, make some great local trails that have a few really unpleasant segments more accessible, and have more fun going uphill. Slightly favoring the Overvolt based on the feel of the slacker geometry, but impressed by the tank-like build feel of the Haibike (which also seems to have better protection for the bottom bracket/motor).

Thoughts, anyone? Thanks!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Haibike is more invested in the space and bringing a whole new team of people to push e-MTB into the market.
Lapierre is a EU brand that has limited presence in the US but their bikes have the gull arm swing-arm, which is a nice feature on the Overvolt FS.
Haibike is bringing some new models soon which have the new Bosch CX per drive units that are supposed to have some more oomph and nicer integration and 500Whr battery.


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I have Full Seven and really like it a lot. But can't compare it as I've not even seen a Lapierre in person. Pretty bikes too. The Haibike is nicely integrated with the motor.