Large Battery 'vs' Small Battery

Ron Adamowicz

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Does your eBike shut-off going up a hill? Can you drive your eBike in sand?
Your problem maybe your small battery and small motor.
Most controllers have a built in minimum voltage level, if your battery sags too much, the controller will shut down.
Also, never use cheap Chinese batteries, they do not deliver published volts and amps.



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I have a feeling our local Canadain bike-dealers sell the very same *cheap* cells for lot of $$$ ? Minimal price of $800-1200; actually. Unfortunately I can not proof that by purchasing one and pry it open for you :)
my first e bike evo eco lite 250w motor, 8ah battery shut off consistantly on one hill almost the same spot. my new bike eflow 500w motor 14ah battery has no problems, learned my lesson, won't be under gunned again.


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Motors also have thermal protection that cuts power to the motor when the controller gets hot. (climbing hills or in sand) On gearless hub motors before this year (stronger), that is very common.


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lost my pass to (fotokot) sorry. Created new fotokot2 accnt. China battery 36 v 20ah runs well on my bafang 8fun mid-drive motor - since May 2016.