Last event of 2016


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Today saw the last organised event for me for 2016.

I was riding with two other KTM riders, albeit with them on pedal mtb's.

Todays event was 32 miles long, and unfortunately for me, I took a heavy fall 7 miles in whilst riding point. I fell on a blind corner at roughly 30mph and ended on the deck, in a shower of loose flint and mud.
Once the bars were straightened the only damage to the bike, was a bent front brake lever, and a snapped bracket. Soon sorted with a cable tie. Cable ties are brilliant invention, and no one that rides off road should be without some in their pack.
Thankfully the HDMI was not damaged and that is always my first concern when falling. If that ever breaks, then it is instantly game over, and potentially a very long push back to the start/finish.

Given the instant swelling and blood from both my left knee and right wrist, plus a split nose where I face planted the ground, I should have called it a day, but decided to carry on. The last 5 miles of the ride were a major struggle, and I was being passed on hill climbs by pedal mtb riders. Not exactly what you would expect when riding an eMTB.

The weather was damp with misty rain, and also unexpectedly very cold. I had under dressed for the event, and failed to warm up during the ride.

Still brilliant fun being out with like minded people, but it would have been nice to have ended on a high.

ebr1.JPG ebr2.JPG ebr3.JPG ebr4.JPG

The three amigos! I'm the one on the left with a cut to the nose.