Last nights ride...


Recently my friends and I have been going out on night rides. We usually roll 3 deep (2 Bionx SL 350's and a 500w Stromer St1 Platinum) Between the 3 of us we are pumping over 2000 lumens from our combined flashlights on the trails. Needless to say its a pretty bright ride. Here's a quick video I made from my iPhone last night. Still saving for my garmin camera :) Thanks again for the heads up James.

Just after I made this video, we came up to a concession road that intersects the bike path. Out of nowhere red and blue flashing lights appear. We all stop, because the cop who stopped us, blocked the bike path. As soon as he got out of his vehicle, the three of us turned our lights off.

With a dumbfounded look on the cops face, He told us he had been chasing us for 20 mins down the parallel concession rds to the trail. He was shocked that we were just bikes. He then said you guys were really ripping it up out there have a safe ride. Then we were on our way again :)

I love electric biking.


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Oh man! That freaked me out... I thought he was going to give you a ticket or something. Probably thought you were joy riding in a car across the park or something :)

I've recently been doing a bit of night riding myself and got a couple of lights from REI that work surprisingly well. I went for the Cygolite 280 Streak and the Planet Bike Superflash Micro. Both use the Mini USB standard to recharge and put out enough light that I feel safe. Which lights do you use @DDuB420?