Learning more about DIY ebike builders and ebike owners


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Hey Guys,

As of now I am part of a team of students that wants to make the e-bike experience better. In order to get a better feel of the market, I am trying to conduct some zoom customer interviews in order to guage whether our target market would be responsive to a product we are trying to develop.

Furthermore I would also like to get a feel about what the current problems are - customizing e-bikes, build quality assurance, specific battery frame problems, etc. and also some of the alternatives they have thought about it.

So if you have ever had problems with building an ebike or are dissatsified with the ebike performance, we would like to hear from you.

In order to incentivize the same, I will be conducting a lucky draw prize of 50 CAD Amazon gift card to one of the participants of the zoom interviews. Not sure if this post belongs here (apologies if it doesn't) but if you would like to participate in zoom interviews or just have something to say about ebikes please dm or comment here !

A website where you can get a bit of idea and also register for an interview - https://voltiply.150startups.com/

Apologies if this breaks any rules or regulations.