Lectric Step-Thru update


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We finally were able to get on the road and put a few miles on my Wife's Lectric step-thru. My wife is a first time e-bike rider so there was a little learning curve. All went well and in a few minutes, she felt very comfortable on the bike. I rode the bike a few times and found the gears shifted good. No clicking in any gear. The brakes were adequate, but not great. Besides having to do a slight adjustment in the brakes, the only other tweaking that needed to be done was a slight alignment in the front bumper. The bumper was rattling from hitting the fork. This was corrected by slightly bending the bumper so it didn't touch the fork. Simple adjustment. During our 5 mile ride, I was riding behind my wife so I was able to check the trueness of the front and rear brake rotors. No wobble or bending was noted. Both wheels seemed true with no real detectible wobble. All in all, the bike arrived in great condition without any scratches, dents, or bent components. Lectric is doing a great job putting out a product at a very competitive price.