Lectric XP 2.0 Reviews


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Some details on my black standard XP 2.0, no extras ordered:

Battery took about 3 hours to charge.

Tires are CST Patrol 20x3.0, inflate to 30 PSI. Look like pretty generic fat knobby tires. Delivered with a smidge of air in them.

Standard seat is by Chaunts, Lectric-branded, about 11 inches long by 8 inches wide. Similar-ish to this one on Amazon but not as nice. My guess is that it's really this on on Aliexpress, different brand but looks identical.

I agree with all other reviewers, the placement of the battery key is deeply stupid. It is directly above the main cables going to the back of the bike, and makes insertion of the key a genuine hassle. Other than that, the bike looks amazing so far.

Aired up the tires to 28 PSI and went for the first ride. This was a weekend test ride from home to work to see if the bike would be usable for commuting. It tnvolved busy urban streets, crowded bike trails, and a two significant hills.
  • Seat proved to be moderately comfy, but only moderately. Ordered a Cloud 9 seat and Satori seat post to replace it.
  • I'm not a fan of the pedals. My shoes grip them a bit but not a lot.
    • I somehow managed to fold up the right pedal while taking off from a curb and almost fell off the bike.
    • I'll likely replace them with good old non-folding rat traps. Scratched shins are better than surprises.
  • Brakes work extremely well, as demonstrated when a car pulled out from the curb directly in front of me. They do make a small rubbing noise, which I'll look into.
  • My intent was to glide to work, letting the bike do all the hard stuff, then sweat and pedal going home. But dang those hills got steeper going home and ... I just let the bike do almost all the work.
  • I tried the throttle a few times, but mostly stuck with pedal assist, PAS level 1 or 2.
  • Using PAS reminds me a lot of driving an old 70's car with a turbo. Much feeble pedaling them BAM the PAS kicks in.
    • PAS is very tricky to use in stop-start urban settings with lots of stoplights, pedestrians, strollers, etc.
    • I ended up setting it to 0 a couple of times just so it wouldn't kick in halfway through a crosswalk.
  • The top speed limit for the entire ride was 20 MPH, and was 15 MPH for much of the ride. A combo of second gear and PAS 2 worked well for the relatively empty stretches and first gear / PAS 1 or PAS 0 for all the crowded and stop-start bits.
  • Voltage went from 54 down to 50 over the course of the ride, around 6 miles.
  • There are small bike lockers available outside near work. The bike just barely fit inside one with the handlebars down. Keeping the bike out of the weather and not needing to worry about locks or keys while at work is a huge win.
Overall, the bike worked well, and it seems like it'll be a good commuting option. As people say, it makes hills disappear. I'm glad I bought it.

Will update with more notes after I do additional poking around.
Congrats you got yours already. I ordered mine on 5/18 and it hasn't even shipped yet. They're sitting on my $1200 making interest for 3 months before they have to actually ship it. What complete bastards. Definitely dirty wall streeters behind the childhood friends who started the biz.


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Packertown, WI
I went to a small gathering in a local park on Saturday, hoping to ride the XP to the park, but FedEx had other ideas.

But three people showed up on electric bikes!

Two were riding EG Athens step-through bikes, which looked like Dutch city bikes, and were quite striking in person. For someone wanting a well-sorted 350W commuter bike that looks nice and has good range, they seem like a solid choice. They won't win any speed races, but they'll get a person and their stuff across town and back.

The third person was riding a brand-new green Magnum Nomad. I had never heard of them before. The Nomad looked quite a bit like an XP, but it didn't fold. It also had 20x4 road (not knobby) tires, a 750W Bafang motor, and a 19Ah battery. Other than that, very similar to an XP. Aside from the $2500 price, of course. The green was sort of an olive drab, and with a little camo tape could easily be made into a hunting bike. The water bottle cage interfered with lifting out the battery from the frame, little design oops there.

One thing that really surprised me was that I was more aware of the the tech specs, pros and cons, of all 3 bikes than their riders were. A good reminder that people like us on these forums aren't typical riders. Not to say that the riders didn't love their bikes--they definitely all did--but that they just weren't into the details.

Anyway, the vague point is that there are other fish in the sea. If Lectric's delays are getting to be unacceptable (and 2+ months sounds pretty unacceptable to me), maybe it's time to explore getting a refund and looking at the competition. Or check into the $150 expedited shipping, if giving Lectric more money is even an option. Here's hoping that Lectric ships you a bike soon or that other opportunities present themselves!


Congrats you got yours already. I ordered mine on 5/18 and it hasn't even shipped yet. They're sitting on my $1200 making interest for 3 months before they have to actually ship it. What complete bastards. Definitely dirty wall streeters behind the childhood friends who started the biz.
Just cancel and get your money back, it is not worth getting so upset over this. I ordered on May 18th also and waiting for mine. With the state of the supply chain and oversee shipping, I was prepared to wait, it was well known the wait is long. I am not too worried about the $10 or whatever interest for 3 months.


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Keep in mind....YouTube Lectric bike fan boy reviewers...get a FREE Lectric bike with just a phone call. (i.e...they have a bunch of new eBikes in stock for "special" people). Just saw an RV couple yesterday (that already have 2 version 1.0 bikes) post a video where they unboxed and received 2 brand new version 2.0 bikes and they claim they didn't even ask for them. Point is...they most likely sold a boat load of bikes for them with their videos. Lesson...if you really want a bike tomorrow...become a fan boy, buy thousands of dollars of video equipment (and lots of free time), promise to post videos on their bikes, and keep get them free with no waiting. Some folks have figured this out a long time ago. Question...what couple needs FOUR free Lectric bikes? Answer:you know the answer.

Two Sons

Handlebars are 25" wide straight across tip to tip, with a small "U" bend in the middle third. They appear to be 1" / 25.4mm diameter at the center,
Does anyone have any idea what the diameter is at the ends for the 2.0? Contemplating buying a mirror and would rather use the type that inserts on the handlebar end(s) rather than the clamp on. Thanks in advance for any assistance>


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Mirrcycle includes adapters for different bar inner diameters. i’d expect most equivalent do the same.


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Bought two Lectric step-throughs for Christmas for myself in the wife, very impressed with fit and finish, the paint is flawless. Changed the 14-28 freewheel to 11-34, huge difference at both ends. Got the Black Friday special which included cushy seat and spring post as well as a very nice folding lock and brighter headlight. Disc brake cables badly needed oil and are now very smooth and sensitive. Added folding baskets for groceries and USB handlebar-mounted adapter for smartphone holders. Also side-mount mirror and bottle holder. Great bikes, not "cheap" at all. And they have Cruise Control! To each his own, I guess...

As for shipping delay, hopefully that's behind them. I ordered the two bikes in mid-November 2021, got the white one two weeks later, and the black one two weeks after that. I paid $950 for each, including the Black Friday extras. Just a mind-blowing deal when compared to other brands. And, lest I sound like a broken record, the bikes are well-built out of standard-issue bike components. Brakes, tires, wheels, frame, shifting. Motor, battery, controller, and display are the only exceptions, and they, too, are flawless. Motor is rated 500W continuous but I pull 1KW at full-throttle going up hills with no issues. Battery is 10.4Ah, it will be nice one day to have a 14Ah option, but for now it's good enough

Finally, a comment on the YouTube videos. I actually had planned on getting two other ebikes, but in trying to educate myself about this unfamiliar technology via YouTube I immediately noticed the large number of high-quality videos focusing on the Lectric ebikes done by young enthusiasts and older RVers. The bikes may have been salted to reviewers but the comments were genuine. Assuming a high-quality product, this is a great way to quickly gain mindshare in the marketplace.

If you back out of this thread and look at the HUNDREDS of ebike companies listed, it seems likely to me that a sorting-out has to happen. I think the young entrepreneurs at Lectric will be among the handful of survivors down the road.

EDIT: Now it's June, five months later. We ride these things constantly and love them. The frame is aluminum but the rack and forks are steel. With all the accessories my bike tips the scales at seventy-two pounds, so it's a far cry from a Brompton that you carry in one hand. All in all though both bikes are great, and the 7-speed shifting is flawless. But the very first order of business is to replace the 14-28 freewheel with 11-34, huge Improvement. Oh, and my math was a little bit off in the original review, at full throttle the current pull is 18 amps, which provides about 850 W of power, or about 1 HP. Very easy to climb the hills around here.

We don't use Pas at all, and just use the bike like a motorcycle twist throttle combined with a bicycle. Very intuitive--
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