Lectric XP error codes


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Hi guys!

I have put less than 30 miles on my new bike I got 2 weeks ago and my motor wont turn on. It's never gotten wet, or charged in an extreme temperature and has only been ridden in 60* weather. My display is showing an error code of "e 007" and the motor wont turn on so the throttle and the PAS isnt working but everything else does.

Please advise,
Thank you!


It might be helpful to have a "cheat sheet" listing of all possible error codes for the XP... similar to the settings list (even though most are now locked down).

From recent posts I now know the codes for disconnected throttle and motor, but what about others? Has anyone put together a list (or gotten Lectric to release one)? Sure would simplify resolving what could be very simple problems...



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Here are the codes
Lectric Error codes.JPG