Lectric XP Hill Issue


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Hello my Lectric XP has had HILL ISSUES since out of the box. My neighborhood has a lot of rolling hills. Intermittently the Lectric XP peddle assist (PAS) gets lost on the downhill side and will not reengage as needed. The throttle is dead too and will not respond. Again happening intermittently. This becomes a safety issue as one relies on the throttle to get across traffic in a hurry!

Now a new issue; the electronics including PAS completely crash going up longer hills if the volts drop to 41 as shown on the controller display even if the battery is fully charged. Turning the key off and on again will reset but on the next long hill the same issue. An E06 error code shows briefly before the display losses power and goes blank. Also the battery shows no volts until the key is turned off and on again. The support people at Lectric have sent a replacement throttle cable and controller but neither have fixed these issues.

Anyone else having similar HILL ISSUES with their Lectric XP?


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