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First time posting here. I launched my website, elektricluv.com, not too long ago and am currently in the very early part of a hopefully long journey towards electrifying transportation. At the moment, my inventory is admittedly limited but I'm also being picky about the types of vendors that I choose to have on my site for now. When I was researching electric bikes, most I saw were nowhere near affordable enough to be adopted by the masses and help us all see eBikes as a viable alternative to getting around the city. So the limited bikes that I feature on my website, for now, are meant to be adopted by the masses. They're meant to be great bikes first and affordable.

One of those bikes is the Lehe S1. To simplify the inventory process, the version I carry has a front suspension and is typically sold for $1,499. But to make the jump to an eBike a little easier on your wallet, I'm selling it on my site for $999! $1,299 Of course, shipping will be free and that price includes taxes as well, if applicable.

  • Aviation aluminum integrated frame
  • HD LED functional display
  • Front & Rear TEKTRO disc brakes
  • Magnesium alloy integrated hub
  • Magnesium alloy integrated motor
  • 5.8Ah LG lithium-ion battery
  • ZOOM front stem suspension fork
  • Stereo Bluetooth speaker
  1. Global unique appearance - Self-patent and design
  2. Smart gear control - With 4 levels of gears (0, 1, 2, 3)
  3. Smart LCD display - Shows the gear, battery level, bike temperature, speed, riding range
  4. Premium front LED white light - Lighting range 10 meters
  5. Bluetooth stereo speaker - Play music from your mobile device, tablet, or PC
  6. Frame - Aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy, very good intensity and toughness
  7. Tire - Taiwan Kenda BRAND e-bike pro tire, inflatable and ultra-durable
  8. Ultra lightweight - 36.37 lbs. only for the entire bike
  9. Water-proof - IPX4, tested and approved by TUV
  10. Premium front disc brakes & rear disc brakes
  11. Front fork with suspension - Anti-shock at the front fork, leading a comfortable trip
  12. LG original battery cells - 36v / 250w, battery for 5.8 ah
  13. CE, RoHS, FCC certified - Tested and approved by SGS
Get it here: https://www.elektricluv.com/products/lehe-s1-high-model

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Let me know if you have any questions.

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