Leisger CD5 o Leisger MD5?

Jonatan Llofriu

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Hi Guys,

I would highly appreciate your help here.
I am 1.84 mts ( 6.04 feet )and weight 84 kgs ( 185 pounds )
I want the best most comfortable bicycle to commute ( around 8Km distance ( 5 miles ) )
I cant decide if to go for the cruiser or the mountain bike.

Can I please have your recomendations?



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Hi, Joantan.
It all depends on the stile you like to ride in. A mountain bike will give you a lean forward tilt. And you are a tall girl! So it will tilt you way forward!
A cruiser will set you more upright!
Test ride some if you have some shops in your area. That is the best way to see what you like. Hope this helps you a little! Have fun trying some out. Keep looking up! Ken.

Jonatan Llofriu

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Thanks for the recomendation! By the way, im a dude, just using my wife's facebook.... Lol
I am concerned with back problems, not that. Currently have, but I've been told that mountain bikes are not so good for the back, especially if you ride a lot, like im planning. I personally prefer mountain bikes, but im concerned also about my health.
What do you think ?


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Sorry about the mix up!!
I do not know what to tell you about that, my back is ok.
You would need some kind of suspension , to soften the ride. Either through a seat post or a shock absorber.
Try to find some to test ride if you can. Ken.


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In my opinion, if you don't plan any off road or even fire trails than the cruiser type will be more comfortable.
MTB seating position is not very comfortable on road. However, they do look cooler...

Magnum Bikes

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Hi Jonatan

If you are looking for comfort you need to go with the CD5 cruiser bike. The MD5 is more of an aggressive style ride of a mountain bike. If you will occasionally be going offroad then I suggest you go with the mountain bike but for commuting you will be really happy with the CD5. (I personally ride it and its sooooo comfortable)