LeMond Dutch and Daily e-bikes unveiled


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A beautiful lightweight bike for those willing to pay the price. ;)

Greg LeMond is best known for his three-decade cycling career, countless contributions to cycling innovation, and of course his three Tour de France victories. But now he’s adding a new line to his résumé , launching LeMond Bicycles and its first two models, the Dutch and the Daily electric bicycles. Both the LeMond Dutch and Daily e-bikes are built entirely from carbon fiber, including carbon fiber frame, fork, barstem, seat post, and even carbon fiber fenders.
  • The minimalist designs use integrated batteries and small rear hub motors to hide away all of the electronics that traditionally clutter up standard electric bicycles.
  • Even the lighting has been fully integrated into the carbon fiber frame, resulting in a sleek appearance for both bikes. Check out those beautiful chainstay-integrated tail lights!
  • Weighing just 27.2 lb (12.3 kg), these are some of the lightest weight e-bikes on the market.
  • On the electrical side, the bikes appear to sport an X35 e-bike system from a company known as Ebikemotion.
  • The bikes can reach a top assisted speed of 15.5 mph or 25 km/h. After that speed is reached, the electrical assist cuts out and the rider is on their own.
  • The base models start at $4,500, but anyone who wants an upgrade can choose to swap in a LeMond carbon fiber wheelset, Shimano Di2 electronic-shifting drivetrain, and Brooks England saddle.

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Thanks for posting the link... I searched the Brand forum, not the General Discussion.

The LeMond design is really well integrated... both form and function!