Let's compile some good ideas to control cables and wires on folding bikes!


A few folding bikes have an issue with the containment of wires and cables in front of the long vertical tube/bar at the front end. Perhaps one day the whole world will be wireless. In the meantime, has anyone had any luck containing them? If so, I am very sure that many new owners would like to hear about some new ideas. Here are some that I have thought of. I won't include specific examples so please feel free to contribute!

* BMX or moutain bike crossbar pad, perhaps without the cushion
* Velcro straps
* Athletic compression wrap
* Hockey stick, duct, or electrical tape (Hillbilly Fabulous!)
* Others?


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Put them inside the frame of the bike. How to do that? Drill 3/4 inch holes in the frame for entrances and exits . Slip wires and cables through and then connect everything up. Have I done this? No way! You first.... Actually, like you suggested, I would probably just use wide electrical tape to tidy things up a bit.