Let’s Freway Our Way In CA For Fun!

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On-site event for a fun test ride on our Freway eBike around our shop in California!

Time: March 25st to April 15th , 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (GMT-8)

Location: 2620 Concord Av, Ste120,Alhambra,CA 91803

With the technology grows much faster, people nowadays have found numerous ways to make out-doors riding safer, more joyable and more intelligent. Freway, playing the role as a leading company which specializes in designing and manufacturing eBikes for our customers who like outdoors riding, enabling them to have a great riding experience with modern technology. We digitalize every step of your riding journey :).

Now, during the period of the event that is going to be held in our company site, all of those outdoors-riding fans who live not far from California can come to our company whenever you want between the working hours of the event date. There will be several VR-01 eBikes for you to ride for a test run around our company site!

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When you are done having fun with our eBikes, a staff of our company will provide you with a survey form including the questions for your opinions on how to better our eBikes. And here’s the BEST PART: We’ll view your forms and at the end of each day during the event,we'll randomly pick a winner from the paticipants and he/she will get a SPORTS BACKPACK from us for FREE! We’ll mail the backpack to you.There’ll be 20 backpacks in total so we’ll pick a winner for one backpack everyday!

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Moreover, if you like our eBikes right after you are done testing, you can purchase it on-site with a very discounted price,one that is much cheaper than getting it from Amazon.

And for those of you online out-doors riding fanatics in USA who can’t participate in our event in California. Don’t worry! You can help us by reposting or retwitting our event post in Facebook/Twitter to let the folks who can actually join the event but no one is there to tell them about it. You will also get a reward ! At the end of each day we’ll accordingly mail out 1 to 5 Freway portable chargers with flashlight function to those who have most reposts or retwittes(After we have confirmed that you are the winner, we’ll contact you right away) This online event starts as you see this post until the on-site event ends !

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So what are you waiting for?

Join us in California and let’s FREWAY together!

Facebooks link : https://www.facebook.com/Freway.fans/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/FrewayOfficial