Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

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Nice stuff! Fairly serious climbing gearing on that Cube? It looks like it could climb the side of a building.
Good eye Dave! That is not the stock cassette. It came with a 15 tooth front sprocket and the Shimano Diore XT 11 speed 11-42 cassette. I changed the front sprocket to a 17 tooth which on the Bosch is equivalent to adding 5 teeth as the Bosch has 2.5:1 gearing. This gained me some good push going down hill to where I can pedal at 80rpm at 28mph and still be adding to the speed with my efforts. I then replaced the 11-42 cassette with a 11-46 to regain the lost low end. It worked like a dream to pick up both a lower low gear and a higher high gear. Given that I bought the bike on ebay from a private seller, I didn't have to worry about voiding the warranty as I didn't have one to begin with.

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You have some great stuff there. I am absolutely loving that Nevo. Best ebike out there to my mind, particularly the GH
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Miami a couple of hours ago. CCS (second production) with various little modifications

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That is a cargo net over a pair of Wald grocery baskets because it is a working bike when not a tourist bike.

Note please the :) Bruce Arnold Genius Toptube Panniers. They are very handy and I would not have them if not for the heads up from member Bruce. I don't use the phone holder portion and so I have removed also the center section velcro.

That ring tho :eek:

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View attachment 19712View attachment 19712 Magnum Peak in the snow . Montreal QC Canada winter 2017 (december)
Pierre. D.
The only problem with the bike is the USB port on the battery. Does not work since I got the bike. 1year waranty...I will try to solve this before summer.
To bad there is no dealer in Canada.

hello my name is mike. I work for Epic cycles canada and. we are the main distributor of magnum bikes in canada. if you ever have any questions feel free to contact our store as i am the head technician for canada.