Lights gone out!

Ed Busk

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Lights have dies on my Turbo S.

Anyone else have a similar issue? LEDs are ok (lights come on if you hold the button) but won't stay on.

Anyone had anything similar?


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I had once an issue of not being able to turn the lights off from the cyclo computer. Well, actually they did finally go out as soon as I turned the bike battery off. So, if this is somehow related to the computer, maybe you can try resetting it. In general, the computer is losing connection to the bike from time to time.

Edit: My reply concerned 2013 models only.
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Chris Nolte

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Thanks Marko

Yep...I tried the re-set. Even put a new battery in the small display. No joy.
Did you ever get your light situation sorted out? I noticed in another post you're in NY. We're in the process of getting setup as a Turbo dealer at the moment so I just wanted to let you know if we could help in some way.