Lightweight e-bike with torque sensor


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United Kingdom

2 questions
1) are there any comparison sites where I can 'tick' my requirements to get a list of suitable e-bikes ?
-I have come across some but none where all my requirements are listed as options - especially weight
2) are there any lightweight upright e-bikes with torque sensors ?

My wife & I live in the UK and are in our 60's. My hope is to cycle on quiet country roads & gravel paths admiring the scenery without having to get off & push the bike up hills.
I had a test ride on a Ribble A1 - was great but I hated the cadence sensor. (I am not trying to maintain a set speed)
I have come across several 'ideal bikes' but all have been too heavy (eg the Gazelle Grenoble)

Ideal e-bike would be:
a) lightweight (including battery, under 20kg but the lighter the better)
b) standard upright sitting position, low step through (standard wheels, disk brakes, not foldable etc)
c) torque sensor
c) hub gears with Clarke belt (derailleur gears probably the best I will be able to get due to weight. I understand that combined hub motor & gears exist. Mid motor probably adds too much weight but would be best if available in a lightweight bike)
d) about £2000 (but would pay more if 'ideal')
e) integrated lock

Any advice on what is available would be most welcome

All the best


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Where'd I get that price? By pricing the bike YOU bought last year for 2K, as I said in my post. I guess you missed that in your zeal to promote Motobecane and Bikes Direct.

I'm done with this discussion. We're obviously in different worlds. :(

Hey, man, please, don't be like that. Sorry I misunderstood, just re-read your post. It never occurred to me that you were pricing my bike, because that wasn't the bike I was suggesting, and it also wasn't the bike I linked to!

I have no desire to promote anything, except the idea that manufacturers should make more LW bikes, and they can be found if you look hard enough. I just thought the eUrban was a good option to throw into the mix. I like the Riverside, too, though it's too heavy for him. The Ribble would be fine if it weren't for the cadence sensor, which I totally get. The Vado is close, but outside his budget.

So I don't think his demands are that unreasonable. He's close...

Whoa. Hold the phone. I just used the EBR "Compare" tool and found the category for "lightweight" -- which was not as easy as it should be! Have we thought about the Kona Ecoco?

100 miles max range, 40 miles minimum range, Shimano E6100, 60nm of torque, low step, 500 Wh battery, 43 pounds, under $3,000?! Rip off the fenders / mudguards, I bet it comes in at 41 pounds.

Holy crap! If this bike actually exists and is available and ships to the UK, that checks a lot of his boxes.


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@Catalyzt, It is also a matter of balance and feel. You can't get the right bike from a spread sheet anymore that you could a violin.

Agree, great analogy. I lucked out with the e-Adventure, but even then, riding home from the LBS, I wondered if I'd made a mistake.

Sometimes, you know when you sit on it or pick it up, just like a musical instrument. But sometimes there's a learning curve. I learned a lot about riding eBikes here, and eMTBs in particular, here on EBR. The mods helped a lot, too.

Now, it's like part of my body. Cornering through the hills, floating over sandy dirt, and passing sports cars on the speed bumps on Vermont Canyon, I feel like, "How did we find each other?!"


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Volt Alpine is due out this summer, comes with a 400wh removable battery with a larger xl 630wh battery option, hub motor, torque sensor, weighs 19.8kg, and costs 2200 pounds. It is not a step-through, however you could replace the seatpost with a telescopic dropper seatpost to make it easier to get on/off the bike.