Lightweight Roadrash Protection

The duke

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On my analog bike, speeds over 15mph were usually reserved for downhill sections of road. With a speed pedelec, average speed for an entire ride thru commute traffic can exceed 20mph.

I've become aware of my vulnerability traveling constantly at higher speeds. While I dont find it necessary to be in motorcycle protective gear or a downhill mountainbiker's armor, I wonder if it wouldn't be prudent to invest in some lightweight clothing that would protect me better against roadrash, should the inevitable crash occur.

Does anyone here ride with anything safer than just a jersey or tshirt? I dont want it to be too expensive or overly restrictive of movement, since I am working out. But I would like to wear 'appropriate' safety gear for the speeds common to ebikes. I'll admit I have no idea what 'appropriate' is for the average speed of 19-21mph.


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Long sleeve dickies work clothes. I hit the road at 25 mph in Nov 2017, skin on forearm & knee was slightly red. Also dickies are baggy so they don't chafe your knee as you pedal. I have a round ample ****, they are the only brand pant that will fit me without feeling like a girdle on my thighs. I ride the 871's. the relaxed are even looser.
In summer red hat makes a 100% cotton mechanics tunic that wicks sweat better than dickies. Same color as the blue dickies. Have to buy those online. the dark blue keeps me from getting sunburned. I wear green reflective construction vest over it for high visibility. I wear cotton/poly t shirt & briefs under it. But you see left, my seat is wide & comfortable.


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When I ride, I always wear a helmet, gloves, and goggles for protection.

I also wear long sleeves all year round. In really hot summers, I'll go short sleeve, but wear sun sleeves. They cool you down better than not having the sleeves at all.

On long rides, I switch out cotton for bike specific clothes. They do a better job of keeping you dry and your skin won't get chaffed from the sweat.

Some bike jerseys are stitched in a way that is most comfortable when your in a cycling position.

I made the mistake of wearing athletic cotton socks in the past. After a 60 mile ride in the summer, my skin was chaffed from the sweat. I had to put aloe on my feet because it was so uncomfortable.
First of all, I ride an ebike recumbent. I always wear a helmet. I wear long sleeve fishing shirts with SPF with light weight forearm pads under the sleeves. I wear jeans or jean shorts in hot weather. I wear leather gloves and I will probably cut the finger of the gloves off for hot weather. For shoes I wear Shimano SPD shoes. Socks are either regular length or ankle length wicking socks for summer heat. If on a long ride I wear bike shorts underneath my jeans. After a hard fall last April I know where my points of contact will be and have scars to remind me. Also I wear a Troy Lee visor on my helmet and wraparound safety glasses suitable for the brightness. As well Sunscreen with SPF of at least 30SPF.