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hi all

I live in johannesburg, south africa and we have limited choices what is available. In June next year, I will be going overseas to work for a year and I am looking to get an ebike to commute - around 20km either way every day. I want to buy the bike here. I have spent some time reading the reviews. I am not overly impressed with the Trek or Giant presence in South Africa. There is a better Specialized presence and I am happy with the local specialized shop. The turbo vado 5.0 or 6.0 are not currently available. It may be possible to order one. The turbo vado 3.0 is potentially available but I don't think it is enough bike for me.

I have seen and tested the turbo levo comp carbon and really like it. I could always add fenders and a rear post mounted rack if needed. I like the idea of a 700wh battery and the strong motor but I would have preferred a throttle. I don't want to arrive at work hot and sweaty and think that the turbo levo might be enough as a commuter bike.

So, my question is - could a turbo levo comp carbon function as a good daily commuter? Or should I try push the dealer to get a turbo vado for me? Budget wise, I can make a plan for any of these options. Also, should I explore giant or trek more aggressively?

In summary:
20km each way
I weigh 100kg
commuting rather than exercising ( I have a regular MTB that I ride to sweat on)

Thanks in advance! Any other advise would be appreciated.

Marci jo

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Congrats on your search for an ebike and your adventure overseas.
When I read your post some questions came to mind.
What are the road conditions where you will be living?
What types of bikes do the locals use?
Are class 3 bikes legal?
Would you be able to fly with the bike (battery on airlines?)
Any choices at your new destination?


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Giant JHB in Greenside supply Giant ebikes, their website is down but their Facebook and email are still working

Giant Ebikes use Yamaha motors and are well regarded. Test ride the Stance E+ if want full suspension, or Explore E+ if you want to try a hardtail.


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Hi all
Thanks for the replies.

good road conditions

Clearly a throttle is not an option after looking at the laws of the country!

Israel (laws as below from wikipedia)
  1. The maximum power of the electric engine isn't higher than 250W.
  2. The electric motor is activated by the rider's pedalling effort and it has to cut out completely when the rider stops pedalling.
  3. The electric motor power decreases with the advance of the bicycle speed and it must cut out completely whenever the bicycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h.
  4. The electric bicycle has to comply with the European standard — BSEN 15194.
battery - will be shipped along with bike (by ship, not air)

I haven't looked at Giant. I'll have a look at their offering.