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Wondering if you have an update. I am very interested in this bike. My challenge is that I have the duel challenges of inseam shy of 29” and Too heavy, way much so. Wondering what your wife thinks about this bike. Thanks.
I'm a fellow "industrial sized" individual. I did contact Evelo about the weight limit on the bike. I was told that the frame and motor system can handle much more weight than advertised. The wheels are built for up to 350 pound loads. If you are going to do a lot of riding on smooth surfaces it shouldn't be too much of a problem other than keeping an eye on your wheels to make sure they don't go out of true. If they do you'll want to take it to a shop to have the wheels trued and potentially re-laced with a different spoke pattern that can handle higher weight loads.

The only other things I'd recommend for a 300 pound plus rider based on personal experience:

- You may need to replace the seat post quick release with a bolt and a nut or at the very least wrench tighten it. Quick releases aren't designed to handle the tension required for a large person's weight load.
- You will not be able to use a suspension seat post. No spring or elastomer is made that can handle the preload necessary for somebody 300 pounds or heavier. A big person will bottom out the suspension rendering it largely useless. Stick with a rigid seat post.
- Expect to get the lower end of the battery range calculation.

Don't be put off by the max weight numbers on e-bikes. That is mostly for the wheel builds and not the frames and motors. Find one you like. Set it up to be comfortable and correctly sized for you and get out and ride. The fun and health benefits are numerous.
Am now at 300 miles ODO.
Recently completed a 37 mile and 33 mile ODO ride and still had some battery reserve.
ODO compared to Google Map miles was off by 5% . . . ODO * 0.95 ~= Google miles
This is about the same as the 10-22-19 data set.

The more miles ridden the more I like this e-bike.
Here is real world report for battery life. I am a 173 pound man riding almost exclusively on PAS 1 on mostly flat roads using manual Enviolo shifting, throttle only to get started, and generally riding 3 to 4 miles at a time. In other words, going easy on the battery. Just reached 140 miles on my bike. Last charge was at 88 miles, so I got 52 miles and did not run the battery all the way down. I have wheel size set to 26 vice 700C so I probably really rode 54 miles total. I feel confident I could have got 60 miles had I sucked all juice out of the battery, but I had no reason to do that. It seems Evelo’s claim of up to 60 miles range is legit.


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I am having an issue when in full auto mode that the ratio is slow to adjust when starting to climb a grade. EVELO emailed instructions for installing a firmware update. I don't have the necessary USB cable yet, so I haven't actually tried the update and cannot vouch for it. Here are the instructions in case anyone is interested:

The Harmony system has received a firmware update that great enhances the performance of the system. ("Firmware" is the computer program that runs the Harmony system.) With the new firmware and some small tweaks to the settings, the overall experience is much improved! To download the Harmony software upgrade to the latest firmware, here is procedure. This will take about 10 minutes. You will need to use a computer for this, and the bike will need to be within a few feet of the computer so you can connect the two. The bike should be powered off to start.

  • After downloading, you'll need to "extract files"--at that point, the installer should open automatically.
  • Once installed, you'll need to hook a USB (from computer) to Mini-USB. Mini USB is pictured here ("micro won't work):
The port for the mini-USB is on the underside of the NuVinci controller, which is attached to the chain side of the rear wheel (pictured in the link)

Once you're connected, a red light will turn on near the plug on the Harmony unit, you'll enter the interface in the "Harmony Desktop Software". The software will request you to choose a file to open-- it should be named something like "default.HC" Select that file.

The full instructions on how to process and upgrade the firmware are all included here:

Once there, go to the selection to "update firmware". Make sure that the cord remains plugged in during the entire process.

In the "set-up screen", got to "sprocket sizes" and input the 22T). This should increase battery draw and power as it assumes a lower overall gear ratio is being used. Under chain ring sizes, input 46T). Click "Send Settings to Harmony" , then disconnect.

Lastly, under "cadence, change the cadence range to 35 on the low and 100 on the high.

CRITICAL: Calibrate the unit before the first ride. Power on the bike (press and hold "MODE" for 2 seconds), and power on the Harmony system (press the Green button). Then, press and hold the silver button on the NuVinci controller and hold for about 10 seconds-- the Orange lights on the display will start to cycle up and down, indicating that the unit is in calibration mode. While supporting the rear wheel off of the ground, lightly turn the pedals or twist the throttle. Once the unit stops shifting, continue pedaling or using the throttle for about 10 seconds or until the Harmony unit stops flashing. When the rear wheel has stopped turning, set it back on the ground, and you are all set to ride! You can also recalibrate by riding on flat ground in pedal assist level 1 and doing very light pedaling. Keep pedaling lightly as it goes through the calibrations process.

That's it, you're ready to ride! If you prefer pedaling faster, you can adjust the auto shifting (more blue dots will be present). Fewer blue dots will get more power at a lower cadence. Explore which options work best!
As a note.

If you want to upgrade the firmware and want to keep the factory gear ratios the chain ring (front) size is 44 and the sprocket (rear) is 18.


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Dead Throttle Update Feb-2020

Original post about issue was Nov-21-2019 on this thread

a) While initial rides after replacing the Throttle Assembly were positive with increased miles the intermittent Dead Throttle did reappear in Dec-2019.

b) Over five weeks in Jan/Feb-2020 was Snowbird Vacationing around southern California and Arizona, the eBike was with me.
While in southern CA & AZ the Throttle did not fall a single time !

CA & AZ temps were 65+F with <35% Humidity. At this time it seems the issue is Ambient Temperature or Humidity related.
Evelo has provide new instructions for things to try to isolate which component has the weakest . . . but with spring coming it could be early-winter-2020 before additional troubleshooting results are available.

{ { rode dozens of fun miles in Joshua Tree NP on sandy/dirt roads that would not have been as easy without our Fat Tires }}


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Looking hard at this bike and enjoyed reading all of the posts in this thread from beginning to end. Lot's of good knowledge here.

In the end I am concluding that I might not need such an expensive bike. I live close enough to Seattle to go test ride Evelo's offerings and have already been over to RAD and tried almost all of theirs. Those RAD bikes do work pretty darn well at $1500! 🤔