Limited now with torque sensor on ST model?


Has anyone noticed the Limited ST is now being listed as having a torque sensor?

I know a little while ago the Limited was listed as having a torque sensor again. I checked their website and found it was only the XR.

That’s not what is currently listed though. I may be crazy but a throttle bike with a torque sensor sounds appealing to me. Enough to make me consider replacing my 700 with the Limited.


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I think you actually are thinking of the LMT'D.

Yes, this was fully expected after they got their existing inventory sold with the cadence sensor, just as they did with the XR prior to that, and just as they had to sell out the old torque sensor inventory when they switched to cadence last year. It's been mentioned some in the Ride1UP FB group as well.

That’s not what is currently listed though.

I'm not sure what you're looking at because I'm showing ALL FOUR combinations of models/color of the LMT'D come with the torque sensor. If you can't step up to the mid-drive Brose based Prodigy for the quiet most seamless and responsive assist, then the LMT'D is a fair alternative.