List of Easy Upgrades for Performance and Comfort


I'm on my second eBike, the Rize X. Like any other brand (at least the ones I can afford), there are pros and cons. It's powerful enough, but I always want more. I can hit 30 mph, and cruise at 25 plus. It comes with a 750 watt / 48 volt motor, and a 48 volt / 19.2 amp battery. Good, not great. I'm am looking into upgrading that battery, and really extend my rides. Right now, I can use the higher PA levels, averaging 25 mph, and drop the battery to 80% in 15 miles (as accurate as my display gauge is or isn't). I don't think that'll translate into 60 miles, more like 30 miles of real travel (leaving 20%).

Overall the bike is a tank that handles like a sports car, and I couldn't imagine having to pedal with no assist. While I rarely throttle, I do use the throttle to get started, or on the occasion I just need a break. The chain / chainring upgrade allows me to maintain a cadence in the 60's, while maintaining a nice top speed. I can cruise around in 7th or 8th gear (nine speed), with PA 7 or 8 (9 levels), and keep a steady 25 mph. I can speed up or slow down based on conditions, while never really pushing the motor, and still get a workout (or not). The fat tires allow me to ride over rocks and twigs, and they even out bumps, along with the front suspension fork and extra wide comfort seat (which I love). All in all, great ride, and I am having the time of my life both riding and upgrading. The bike feels very stable, and solid on the road - I love that.

I did make some great upgrades that include:
1. BMX Handlebar
2. Handlebar Extenders
3. Comfort Saddle
4. 54 tooth Chainring / Chainguard (upgraded from 42)
5. Resin Brake Pads (quiet, stop on a dime)
6. Oversized Rockbrothers Pedals

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Nice, do you have a link for your upgraded seat?
So 4" tires really help with the comfort level?