Lithium Battery Recycling courtesy of Luke (liveforphysics) from Endless Sphere, now has a new startup company!


Northern LP, MI
Most of you that have been into ebikes for awhile will know of Luke's exploits on Endless Sphere, with his deathbikes and all the crazy battery experiments he did for us early on and eventually also went to work for Zero Motorcycles. We all learned a great deal from him... Well he and a colleague have started a battery recycling company! One of the dirty secrets of many of our consumer industries are the fake recycling industries that have grown up around them, Luke is at it again and trying to do some real good in the world with actual real recycling! This guy deserves an A++ for his work in the field, super awesome dude (and his business partner too, which I'm not familiar if she was into ebikes at any point! :))

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reed scott

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Sorry. These people are not inspiring confidence. Yeah they got the message across that nobody is really doing squat about recycling but they fell far short of making me believe that THEY were going to fill the void.